Case Study:
Transforming Mailroom Operations: Leveraging AI/ML to Enhance Efficiency, Traceability, and Business Growth

A leading BCBS Health Insurance payer ranked among the top 30 Health Insurance companies, serving a membership exceeding two million, collaborated with MDI NetworX to instigate meaningful change. The client sought innovative solutions to enhance service standards and transform Mailroom Operations.

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Digital Mailrrom Case Study - Operational Challanges

Operational Challenges:

The client encountered significant hurdles in meeting stringent Turnaround Time (TAT) targets, resulting in penalty payments and customer dissatisfaction. Adding to the complexity, the traceability of documents posed another formidable challenge, leading to instances of document loss or unaccounted document sets. Furthermore, the requirement for the insertion of recovery letters and patch codes in designated claims and documents to streamline identification exacerbated the intricacy of the task. The variability in batch sizes, attributed to the diverse document types handled by the client, introduced a multifaceted challenge that demanded meticulous consideration. Mixed and varied document types, such as having an HCFA claim scanned under UB or vice versa, presented additional complications. The client was also looking for a solution to provide a nested folder structure, further complicating the process.


To address our client's intricate challenges, MDI NetworX implemented a transformative solution, leveraging advanced AI and ML technologies for assisted automation. This streamlined document handling, optimized operational processes, and substantially improved Turnaround Time (TAT), mitigating penalties and customer dissatisfaction.

Seamless integration of real-time status reports enhanced traceability, reducing the risk of document loss or unaccounted sets. We introduced customizable rejection letters with automated fill-ins for specific client needs, expediting claims resubmission.

The variability in batch sizes, commingling of documents, and nested folder structure were carefully managed through a comprehensive solution. Process engineering ensured a more efficient workflow, reinforcing MDI NetworX as a trusted partner in optimizing operational efficiency for our client.

Digital Mailrrom Case Study - Operational Challanges-Solution

Streamlined Workflow with Tangible Results

The results

Below are the operational outcomes of our digital mailroom solution, driving efficiency and maximizing results for your organization.

Advantage Achieved

Operational Costs Reduced by 30-40%


Efficiency Boost

Turnaround Time Improved by 25%

Improvement Implemented

Automated Tracking Enhanced by 50% 

Improving operational efficiency through streamlining mailroom processes